Trailer: 4:32 min.


The Canine Connection


Always Hope Productions, LLC
& Aunt Patty's INC



Feature Length (TRT):

23 min.

The Canine Connection

A dating show for singles and their dogs.
Three canine competitors "pull out all their tricks" vying for their owners to win the hearts of viewers, and a doggie play date with the "guest of the week."
The "guest" will pick "the date" after viewing a video from each of the competing canines... voiced from the dog's point of view. Viewers will see the three canine videos that the guest sees... but they will also get to see three "dog and owner" videos that the guest will not see; giving the viewer, a leg-up, on which duo is the best match for the guest. There is on-going commentary from the host, John Sencio, but the show's guest will base their choice solely on the "Canine Connection." Only the viewers will know who's at the other end of the leash.

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