Celebrating Success and Achievement

ALWAYS HOPE PRODUCTIONS LLC was founded in 2003 by Gayla Hope a former CNN producer, writer and correspondent. She created the company to produce profile videos celebrating the success and achievement of individuals and organizations. During her fourteen years at CNN from 1989 to 2003, Gayla found a niche profiling entrepreneurs of successful companies for various programs including "Moneyline," "Business Unusual," and "Entrepreneurs Only." She was drawn to the "rags to riches" stories featuring people who demonstrated the character, strength, and passion required to build a business.
Now .. through Always Hope Productions, Gayla continues producing business and personal success stories, profiles of charities, and special projects.

Profile Videos

Personal stories of individuals and businesses become visual celebrations. Each story serves as a reminder of the power of determination and the human spirit honoring anyone deserving recognition for a job well done or a life well led. go to

Charity Videos

Organizations wishing to shine a light on what they do well can deliver their message in a more emotionally powerful way through video. Videos tug on the heartstrings of potential supporters helping to raise funds and awareness. go to

Special Projects

Promotional videos in broadcast quality to help deliver both entertaining and informative content to spice up any presentation. Just the right ticket for companies or individuals looking to sell products or intellectual property. go to